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Come What May... I will love you, until my dying day

Never knew I could feel like this...

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Welcome to a Moulin Rouge graphic community! You can post graphics that relate to the movie, such as icons, banners, wallpapers, and other things.
There are a few rules to follow, please read them before joining.

1. All graphics that you post must somehow be related to the movie Moulin Rouge. However, you may post graphics that deal with actors from this movie, such as icons of Ewan McGregor or Nicole Kidman.

2. Please try to include a graphic in all of your posts.

3. You may post screencaps from the movie in your posts if you so wish. (Technically they are a kind of graphic...) ^_^

4. Use an LJ-cut for images larger than 500x500. I would prefer that if you have two or more graphics you are showing, to please place them behind the cut.

5. Please no manipulated images to be made to look like slash/slashy graphics.

6. Don't advertise for other sites.

7. Always ask a creator's permission and credit them if you are taking someone's work.

8. Respect other members, and no flaming.

9. Have fun! :)

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